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Heat Pump Water Heaters


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E-Tech water heater are designed to heat potable water at a savings compared to conventional gas and electric water heaters.  The E-Tech water heater extracts heat from the ambient air, upgrades the heat with a vapor compression cycle, and transfers the heat into potable water.  Approximately three times as much energy is transferred into the water than is used to operate the heat pump.

The heat pump water heater is actually more efficient than the air conditioner, because it makes use of virtually 100% of all the heat absorbed and consumed.  Nothing goes to waste with the heat pump water heater.

An additional benefit of the heat pump water heater is "free air conditioning."  The unit delivers cool, dry filtered air while heating water.  This is an additional cost savings which, in some cases, eliminates the need for installation of additional air conditioning equipment.  A water heater is being used in many different applications.  Some examples include:  House, Apartments and Condominiums, Schools, Hotels, Health Clubs, Restaurants and Hospitals.

The function of heat pump water heater works very simple, below pictures showed the blower draws air across the evaporator coil, the heat is extracted and the air is cooled.  The refrigerant in this coil is transformed from liquid to low pressure gas.  This gas enters the compressor where it is "pumped" into a high temperature, high pressure gas.  This gas is transferred to the water heat exchanger where water from the tank is being circulated.  The heat from the high temperature, high pressure gas is transferred to the water.  The gas condenses and liquid refrigerant further passes through the thermal expansion valve, it expands and evaporates absorbing heat in the evaporator again.

Dehumidifier PLUS Water Heater 

The E-Tech Pool Heating Dehumidifier heats the pool water and dehumidifies the air simultaneously at a lower cost than heating the water alone with natural gas.  The PhD eliminates the need for a gas water heater with the bonus that little or no energy is required to heat make-up air since there is little or no need for exhausting the humid air except for a small amount of fresh air required for sanitary reasons.



The PhD operates on the same principle as an air conditioner or dehumidifier.  Moist, warm air from the pool room is drawn through the PhD where it is cooled to condense the water vapor.  The heat removed from the air is then raised to a higher temperature by the action of an electrically driven compressor.  This higher temperature heat can now be readily transferred via a heat exchanger to heat either the pool water or the air returned to the pool enclosure.  The technology is simple, reliable, and proven.

There are four series of PhD's - "H" Series, "S" Series, AhD Series and HDCP.  The "H" Series offers a unique heat pipe heat exchanger recovers a large part of the heat from the exhaust air to heat the incoming fresh air providing even more savings.  The "S" Series is a lower cost version of the regular PhD-H, having only one blower and no heat pipe heat exchanger.  A larger size compressor is used in order to obtain the same amount of dehumidification as the equivalent PhD with the heat pipe heat exchanger, consequently the operating costs are somewhat higher.  The AhD is basically identical to the PhD-S.  The only difference is that the AhD provides dehumidification only and no pool water heating.

The High Dehumidification Control Package, HDCP, is a two-stage integrated package which works in high humidity or activity conditions like therapeutical swimming pools or school, college and recreational swimming pools.  Due to the flexibility of two stages, the HDCP has a high energy efficiency being controlled by a microprocessor which brings the second stage only when the high humidity conditions are encountered.  The HDCP does not have a built-in heat pipe heat exchanger, but an external air-to-air heat exchanger module is available to be used with an external economizer to heat the incoming fresh air and providing more savings.  All models have the optional built-in economizer and the optional remote coil providing cooling upon demand.  Dehumidification ratio ranges from 44 to 142 lbs/hr depending on unit model.

Water-to-Water Heat Pumps

The E-Tech WWHP Water-to-Water Heat Pump is a refrigeration machine which efficiently extracts heat from a water source such as a well, lake, earth loop, or closed loop and transfers this heat after raising its temperature to heat another flow of water to temperatures up to 150degree F.  The amount of heat added to the hot water output is greater than the amount taken from the source since the electric energy supplied to the compressor is added to the output.  

The WW Series ranges in size for water heating capacities from 30,000 BTUH to 820,000 BTUH.