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Thermomax Evacuated Heat Pipe Technologies

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Thermomax Evacuated Heat Pipe Solar Collectors (tubes) are an efficient and effective way to collect heat. The pipe is connected to a copper fin that is heated and creates hot vapors. These vapors rise to the top of the tubes, water or glycol, flows through the manifold and picks up the heat from the tubes. This heat then circulates through a heat exchanger and gives off its heat to water that is in the storage tanks. 


Thermomax's advanced evacuated "heat-pipe" solar collector is a breakthrough in solar technology.  It is an efficient and durable solar energy system.  It is effective throughout the year and saves its user a considerable amount in expensive fuels.

Thermomax's collector performs not only at noon or on clear sunny days, but also when the sun is low or the weather is cloudy.  Wind or low temperatures have less effect on its performance, unlike traditional solar collectors that depend on the sunlight to generate the heat.  A Thermomax system is easy to expand and can be installed with little effort.

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In the newly developed Memotron tube the maximum working temperature is controlled by means of a memory metal spring which is positioned inside the heat-pipe's condenser.
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The memory metal is programmed to change its shape at a pre-set temperature. This allows for the condenser fluid to be retained inside the condenser. When the programmed temperature has been achieved, the memory metal spring expands and pushes a plug against the neck of the heat pipe blocking the return of the condensed fluid and stopping heat transfer.

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At temperatures below the maximum programmed limit, the spring contracts allowing the condensed fluid to return to the lower section of the heat pipe. It is than evaporated due to the heat from from the absorber plate, transferring thermal energy to the condenser. Thermomax's patented Memotron tube is the state of the art technology and provides complete safety through effective temperature control.



      Solar Energy Controllers

SMT 100 Easy to use solar heating controller with Smart mode operation.

SMT 300 Easy to use heating controller with Smart mode of operation for extensive utilization of solar energy.

SMT 400 The SMT400 is a powerful solar controller, with features such as solar history. The unit can be used to control a solar system with up to three tanks. It has two programmable timers for auxiliary heating.

Domestic Heating Controller

ECO 450 Saves a minimum of 25% of your fuel bill. Utilizes your oil or gas resources to a maximum. It has a large graphics display.

Refrigeration Controllers

DSX With three fully-sealed plug-in PT100 platinum film sensors,

Refrigeration DSX Microprocessor Refrigeration Controller, Datalogger and

Controller Alarm monitors the cold room, the product, and the evaporator temperature.

RCX 100 Fully programmable refrigeration controller with alarm facility. Compact, robust and easy to use. Also available as Minipanel with 3-phase controller for compressor for direct control up to 5 HP.

SMX 100 Comprehensive refrigeration controller with in-built datalogger and alarm. A high specification integrated system to control the cold room whilst monitoring temperature and alarm activity. With large graphical display

Temperature Dataloggers and Alarms

LCT - 2 Easy to use two channel temperature recorder and alarm. In-built networking device for linking up to 32 units.

SM UNO Comprehensive one channel datalogger and alarm - Large graphics display

SM DUE Two channel datalogger and alarm. The SM DUE range includes a unit suitable for operating on a 12V supply for use in mobile applications.

SM QUATTRO Highly popular 4-Channel datalogger and alarm with the option to monitor both temperature and humidity.